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Charmed to meet you

"It started when I was a little girl. In school, you would always catch me being one of the only ones reading Goosebumps. I would only be into shows/movies that had something to do with Halloween or Disney. My face would glow up when I would see Halloween décor. I would love wearing black nail polish while most liked pink.  I have to thank my mom for that, she is definitely a huge influence and introduced me to it when she would only dress me up like this:

I had no idea what Goth even was, I did not realize that is what I was considered until I got much older. I was attracted to music from the 80s, particularly alternative music. Although my music taste is extremely diverse, when I am driving alone in the car you will find me listening to Depeche Mode, The Cure, Type O Negative & so much more in the same Genre. Little details such as those all shaped my interests. There was a period of time where I tried to fit in to be like my surroundings, and I was miserable. It wasn't until right around the time I met my soul mate/husband, that I realized it is okay to be myself. I have learned to always do what makes me happy. Your individuality is what makes you amazing. I fell in love with makeup when I first discovered that there is more to it than just a plain smokey eye. The art behind the endless creations, the different aesthetics, I had no idea there was so much amazingness that came with the beauty world. I was particularly gravitated towards horror/special fx, dark & halloween glam (go figure). That is when I just started creating and sharing it online. I found so much pleasure in bringing a vision to life and met some awesome people along the way. 

Fast forward, here I am taking a leap into my dreams. Dark Gem Beauty has been in the works for over 2 years. From concept, to formula, to all the trial & error, the marketing, photo shoots, finances, campaigns, plans, & everything in between, it’s all worth it. Dark Gem Beauty is my aura in a brand. Everything I am as a person reflects onto this brand. It is more than just makeup/creativity. 

I believe what you put out into the world is so important. All my products are made in a cruelty free & vegan lab based in Canada. Any act of sustainability/charity screams volumes. Glamorous packaging is wonderful, but I asked myself, would I be contributing to the world in any way if I did not use recyclable & biodegradable packaging? Absolutely not. Motivation to be better starts with myself & the inspiration upon others follows.

Thank you for supporting a passion. There is so much magic to come!"

 Let's be Ghoul Friends! @Noir.Negina

Fun fact: Negina means gem in Farsi, which inspired the name Dark Gem